ASR Group Releases Latest Sustainability Report

FY19-21 Sustainability Report

ASR Group is pleased to announce our FY2019-2021 Sustainability Report that serves as a comprehensive account of our progress toward our vision to be the most sustainable and ethical sugarcane company and achieve net zero carbon as fast as we can. We have challenged ourselves by setting the most aggressive goals possible and are exploring many technologies and investments, old and new, to achieve and exceed these objectives.

While many companies have set forth similar commitments, such as becoming Net Zero Carbon, what sets our Company apart is that we have reached beyond simply announcing goals and have created tangible strategies to accomplish them. We not only say what we want to do; we also say how we are going to do it.

Our latest report, presented as an interactive PDF, introduces our comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategic framework that includes tangible goals across our six focus areas:

1.    Decarbonization
2.    Resource Conservation and Circularity
3.    Sustainable Agriculture
4.    Sustainable and Ethical Value Chain
5.    Employee and Community Engagement
6.    Governance, Communication and Reporting

When sustainably cultivated and processed, sugarcane has the power to improve the environment, prosper diverse communities and safeguard the ingredients that are part of life’s best moments.

During our process, none of the sugarcane plant is wasted. In addition to being a very efficient producer of sugar, the sugarcane plant produces substantial amounts of renewable biomass. We use this biomass to generate green energy – both electricity and steam – that powers our sugar mills. We also use this biomass to make compostable tableware, to replace plastic and Styrofoam, under the Tellus brand.

Beyond the scope of our own operations, we are also proud to report on the progress in our value chain, specifically in our quest toward fully sustainably sourced sugar. Both Redpath in Canada and Sidul in Portugal have achieved 100% sustainably sourced sugar, and our U.K. and U.S. operations maintain a steady pace toward reaching a similar goal.

We are excited about the companywide priority focus on Sustainability and Innovation, as we work diligently to transform our Company into the most sustainable and ethical business we can be.

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