As a leading brand of sugar in the United States' West Coast markets, C&H® Sugar has been a pantry favorite of consumers since 1906. The brand's moniker, “C&H” was derived from the states of California and Hawaii where the sugar cane was originally grown, harvested and refined. The C&H® brand became a pop-culture hit in the 50s and 60s with its catchy advertising jingle. The pink packaging continues to be an iconic symbol for quality pure cane sugar in kitchens today.

C&H® Sugar carries a diversified mix of sweeteners that include pure cane Granulated Sugar, Powdered Sugar and Brown Sugar products.

The C&H® Sugar brand is marketed by Domino Foods, Inc. which is the largest marketer of refined sugar in the United States and sells the nation's most well-known brands. Domino Foods, Inc. is also a leading industrial sugar supplier for food manufacturers and offers a complete line of sweetener products for the foodservice industry.

The C&H refinery is located in Crockett, California and has an annual production capacity of 750,000 metric tons of sugar.