ISNLogoIngenio San Nicolás (ISN), a leading sugarcane company in Mexico since 1950, today engages in sugarcane farming, cane sugar production, molasses production and electricity generation from sugarcane fiber. ISN, located in Cuichapa Veracruz, plays a fundamental role in ensuring food security, contributing to the Mexican economy and generating electricity supplied to the country’s state-owned electric utility company. ASR Group acquired Ingenio San Nicolas in 2007 and has made investments to more than double the size of milling capacity to 1.3 million tons of sugarcane with a cane sugar production capacity of 140,000 tons for a given crop season.asr



In March 2019, ISN’s sugarcane mill became the first in Mexico to become Bonsucro certified. ISN currently produces raw, demerara, ‘estandar’ and refined sugar. ISN produces the greatest diversification of sugar products in Mexico.

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