Sidul was established in March 1909 as the first sugar company in Portugal, located in Lisbon. The importance of such an industrial company was such that the inauguration was chaired by King Manuel II of Portugal. The technology applied and the industrial capacity of the operations was cutting edge for that time and is one of the most recognizable aspects of the company.

The brand name Sidul® appeared in 1950, associated with soft white sugar for the industrial market.

In 1990, Sidul merged with Sores, and four years later, the sugar operations were concentrated into the current site.

The Sidul® brand is sold in Iberian markets in three channels: Grocery, Industrial and Food Service.

Sidul® offers white pure cane sugar as well as a variety of sugars including granulated, caster, icing, light sugar and jam sugar. Sidul® has launched special collections and packages of sachets sticks to be used in home consumption. Presently, the Sidul® sachet is the third product in the grocery channel.

Sidul Açúcares is Portugal's largest sugar refinery with a capacity more than 300,000 metric tons of sugar per year and is the leading sugar supplier in Portugal.