Domino® Sugar Yonkers Refinery Reinforces its Support for Local Food Bank

Feeding Westchester

Employees at ASR Group’s Domino® Sugar Yonkers Refinery carried out their first annual food drive to support Feeding Westchester, a non-profit on which more than 220,000 individuals in Westchester County, New York rely for their next meal. 

“Each year, we support Feeding Westchester’s important work in our communities through a financial donation of $10,000 along with product donations,” said Refinery Manager Tiffany Mathador. “I was proud to see our employees join in these efforts to help feed our neighbors.”  

Because food donations are in particularly high need after the holiday season, our employees’ generous support for our food drive came at an important time for Feeding Westchester. Employees donated several boxes full of non-perishable food items, which Packaging Manager Tom Oggeri dropped off to the organization. Feeding Westchester will work with local partners and programs to distribute these foods to children, seniors and families in our community. 
“It was meaningful to help support these efforts,” said Tom. “As a food company, we know the value of providing staple foods to families each day. Through our annual support for Feeding Westchester and now our food drive, we’re proud to help expand access to pantry essentials to help feed our neighbors.”
Yonkers Refinery employees look forward to continuing and growing their support for Feeding Westchester through future food drives.  

The Domino® Sugar Yonkers Refinery provides family-sustaining jobs to more than 300 people on site and an additional 140 people through trucking, terminal operations, cargo handling and ship piloting. Forty vessels a year deliver more than 515,000 tons of raw sugar to the plant, where it is refined at a rate of more than 4 million pounds per day. 

In addition to Feeding Westchester, we are proud to support many local nonprofits and schools in Yonkers through funding for STEM programs, environmental stewardship and civic and cultural programming.