ASR Group’s Domino Sugar® Baltimore Refinery Supports Baltimore Orioles by Changing Iconic Sign


Baltimore, Md. (October 1, 2023) – In anticipation of the Major League Baseball playoffs, ASR Group's Domino® Sugar Baltimore Refinery is supporting the Baltimore Orioles, known locally as the "O's," by lighting only the border and each set of “O” and “S” on the iconic “Domino Sugars” sign. It will remain lit in this configuration every night for the duration of the O’s 2023 postseason to celebrate the company’s hometown team.

“Our team of more than 500 employees is pulling for the Orioles,” said Peter O’Malley, Vice President of Corporate Relations of ASR Group, which owns the refinery. “We couldn’t think of a bigger or better way to show our appreciation and support for the O’s.”

The “Domino Sugars” sign,  first erected on top of the refinery’s packaging building in 1951, was carefully renovated in 2021 to preserve the look of the original and now features aluminum letters with energy efficient LEDs. The lights save 33,000 kWh per year and reduce more than 23 tons of CO2 annually. The sign measures 70 by 120 feet, and each O stands 20 feet tall.