ASR Group Funds Renovation of Fire Station Kitchen Near its Domino® Sugar Baltimore Refinery

Locust Point Fire Station Kitchen

The Domino® Sugar Baltimore Refinery has been a landmark in the city since 1922, and one institution has been there for us every day during our more than a century of operation: the Baltimore City Fire Department. That is why we were happy to partner with the department and support first responders by funding the renovation of their fire station kitchen just two blocks from the refinery.

We and our employees have a long history of supporting the local community by funding STEM programming at local schools, sponsoring neighborhood events, participating in neighborhood clean-ups and community center renovations and by providing financial support and sugar donations to dozens of organizations.

The kitchen makeover at the Locust Point Fire Station includes new appliances, lighting fixtures, flooring, ceiling, wall treatment and exposed stainless steel shelving—all of which was specifically requested by firefighters and paramedics. We donated $60,000 to the Baltimore Civic Fund, a nonprofit organization that supports various community initiatives, to make  the renovation possible. The fire station houses an engine, a truck and a medic unit, which respond to calls at the Baltimore Refinery and throughout South Baltimore.

“This renovation was a gesture of appreciation and recognition for the vital role fire department personnel fulfill in protecting the community,” said Peter O’Malley, Vice President of Corporate Relations. “We are happy to be a part of the Baltimore community and we thank the brave and dedicated firefighters and paramedics of the Baltimore City Fire Department for their service.” 

As a food company, it made sense for us to renovate the kitchen, and no kitchen would be complete without a staple of every cupboard—sugar. Refinery employees were on hand to present three custom-made Domino® Sugar tins, filled with granulated, powdered and light brown sugar, for use in the new kitchen.

“We are immensely grateful for the generous investment made by Domino Sugar and its employees in support of our firefighters and paramedics’ well-being,” said James W. Wallace, Baltimore City Fire Chief, who also presented our employees with an authentic fire chief hat. “This act of kindness and consideration not only strengthens our partnership, but also enhances our ability to serve and protect the community, and we are truly touched by this gesture of support.”

Locust Point Fire Station Kitchen