Company Pride Shines in Baltimore Refinery Machine Shop

Baltimore Refinery Machine Shop

Jeremy Baham, Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor at the ASR Group Baltimore Refinery, is a strong believer in the company’s Vision & Strategy. In all that he does, he takes into account our four strategic pillars: Service Excellence, Value-Add, Efficiency & Sustainability and our foundational pillar, Talent & Culture. Since joining ASR in 2019, Jeremy has helped strengthen Talent & Culture in the Baltimore Refinery Machine shop and beyond through initiatives that foster teamwork and build on pride in our business and our Domino® Sugar brand. 

“In 2021, I accepted the opportunity to manage the Machine Shop, specialty refining and the garage.” said Jeremy. “In this role, I have prioritized collaboration with my team on improvements, encouraging their input and embracing their experience while building teamwork and a sense of comradery that, in turn, increase our productivity. It all comes back to Talent & Culture.”

To strengthen engagement on his team, Jeremy envisioned a training program that included a centralized training, meeting and break room. Over the course of 18 months, the Machine Shop team renovated an empty room from the ground up into a Domino®-themed meeting room painted in yellow, blue and white, which includes a specially created retro Domino® logo with custom-cut letters. Hanging on the wall is a picture of the Baltimore Refinery signed by every member of the Machine Shop team and a sugar-themed painting. 

In addition to being an effective team-building exercise, the meeting room renovation inspired a two-year productivity improvement plan for the Machine Shop.  

To further strengthen Talent & Culture in his department and others across the plant, Jeremy hosts a “Fun Friday” every month, each with a different theme, food and drinks. Jeremy and his wife also designed and purchased Domino® Sugar onesies for their team members’ children and grandchildren, and he and his family bake Domino®-inspired cookies to show appreciation for his coworkers. 

“The company pride shown by the Machine Shop team has been infectious here in Baltimore and is an excellent demonstration of our strong Talent & Culture,” said Refinery Manager George Carter. “The stronger our Talent & Culture is, the more we are able to maximize our Efficiency & Sustainability, Service Excellence and Value-Add.”