ASR Group Launches Scholarship Program to Support Students’ Career Paths in Manufacturing

John Swett

Blog Article

ASR Group is delighted to support local youth at John Swett High School, just up the street from our Crockett Refinery in California, by starting a new scholarship program for students interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing. Our $15,000 donation will help 10 students in the school’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) Careers Academy on their path to a certificate or degree from a local community college trade program. 

“The scholarship continues our longtime support for John Swett,” said Refinery Manager Hitesh Modgil, who serves on the Career Academy’s advisory committee. “It’s an investment we’re proud to make in our community and in the next generation of manufacturing leaders.” 

Students in the school’s CTE program study engineering and advanced manufacturing courses such as machine technology, welding and CAD (computer-aided design). They gain working knowledge and hands-on experience in skills ranging from basic electrical wiring and pipefitting to industrial maintenance and electrical engineering. 

“It’s an excellent program that gives students early exposure to manufacturing,” said Human Resources Manager Katie Jimenez, an alumna of John Swett. “Our scholarships will help them take the next step in developing their careers after they graduate.” 

Over the years, we have also supported CTE students through donations of equipment such as motors for students to disassemble and reassemble as part of their learning. We also participate in job fairs at the school and arrange guided facility tours for technical program students. Our tours highlight the exciting and well-paying high-tech manufacturing jobs available right in the students’ local community and demonstrate how their generation can take manufacturing to the next level. 

“With our new scholarship program, we’re proud to continue our support for these students and help them on the path to rewarding careers in manufacturing,” said Jill Nohl, Sr. Director of Human Resources - U.S. & Canada.