Sustainability is one of our main pillars at ASR Group. Just as we work every day to conduct our business ethically, we are equally committed to being environmentally responsible. We set goals for each of our facilities and offices across the globe to reduce waste as well as water and energy use. By proactively implementing best management practices, including material substitution, waste minimization, material recovery and recycling and engineering controls, we have increasingly made strides in using less water and energy across our operations.


Our business is built on a foundation of sugarcane – one of the most efficient plants at converting sunlight to food and fiber. When the sugarcane arrives at our mills, it not only provides the food we make but also supplies the water for the milling process and the fiber we use as a renewable fuel to cleanly power our operations. Our sugarcane fiber also allows us to generate additional clean electricity for the municipal power grids where we operate to supply communities with homegrown energy. 

We’re proud that our employees share our enthusiasm for protecting our planet. In each of our geographies, employees volunteer through unique conservation projects, such as in Baltimore, where our employees grow oysters through a partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to help clean the waters of the Patapsco River. When oysters cycle water through their gills to feed, they trap suspended sediments and contaminants, helping to naturally filter the water. Employees grow and care for more than 40,000 baby oysters off the refinery’s pier that are later relocated to a reef to improve water quality in the river.

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