Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Everything we do, from our farms to the products we sell, is crafted with respect for our planet, our employees, our communities and our customers.
At ASR Group, we understand and embrace the responsibility that comes with our market position.
As a global leader in the supply of cane sugar products and sweetener solutions, we have a significant opportunity to help drive sustainable improvements not only within our own global operations but also within our customers’ supply chains. Our customers are increasingly turning to suppliers such as us to help them reach their goals.
We own the responsibility to drive change.
With that in mind, we expanded our sustainability programming to proactively seek feedback from external stakeholders, including our customers, to find out how we can do better.
Transparency is at the heart of a resilient sustainability program, and that starts with an open dialogue.
Our ambitions are set on being at the forefront of our industry – actively leading – a company that recognizes there are issues we need to solve and are trying to do something positive about them.
We will be part of the solution.
We also recognize ambitions are not enough. We have set goals for each discipline and are measuring and tracking success against those targets. As we get better, we are also examining our previous goals to set the bar higher to continually strengthen our performance.
Our mandate as leaders of this company is to be top of the totem pole on CSR and sustainability.

To learn more, please download our most recent Sustainability Report
Luis Fernandez              Antonio L Contreras
Co-President                 Co-President

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