Discover our Latest Sustainability Report

FY2022 Sustainability Report

We are pleased to share our FY2022 Sustainability Report that documents our continued progress toward our goal: to be the most sustainable and ethical sugarcane company in the world. 

In our latest Sustainability Report, you will discover how, in the face of global challenges, we united and grew stronger as a sustainable organization. We continued to invest in energy efficient technologies, explored more opportunities to harness green energy, expanded our sustainable agriculture practices, advanced the sustainability of our supply chain and continued to strengthen our communities around the globe.

This report is part of our pledge to improve communication and transparency about our achievements thanks to our Sustainability programming within our six key focus areas:

1. Decarbonization
2. Resource Conservation and Circularity
3. Sustainable Agriculture
4. Sustainable and Ethical Value Chain
5. Employee and Community Engagement
6. Governance, Communication and Reporting

We are on an exciting path and, each year, our report serves as a new mile marker showing our progress on our journey. 

We are inspired and driven by the uniqueness of our sugarcane crop, which plays a critical role in our sustainable journey by producing green energy and sustainable consumer products while reducing the world’s carbon. We remain steadfast in our environmental goals as well as our respect for the people who work for and with us.

We are grateful to our entire team around the globe for their passion and collaboration in helping us achieve this remarkable progress!

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