Investments in New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at our London and Lisbon Facilities Help Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Thames Refinery EV charging stations

As ASR Group continues to make strides in reducing our global carbon footprint, we installed 23 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at our Thames Refinery and Plaistow Plant in London and at our Lisbon Refinery. In addition to advancing our sustainability efforts, the charging stations support our employees’ use of EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Each charging station has two charge points, meaning 44 vehicles can be charged at any given time. 
“We hope the charge points will help those who would like to move to an electric vehicle but don’t have the ability to install a car charger at home,” said Zarreen Mokaddam, Thames Refinery Environmental Manager. “This is particularly an issue in London, where many homes do not have a dedicated driveway, and shared car parks in apartments don’t always have charging facilities.” 

Ian St. John, Senior Vice President, European Operations, is leading our work to decarbonize our European plants. 

“I hope these new charge points will enable our employees to consider making the switch to an electric vehicle,” he said. “It won’t be right for everyone. But every kilo of carbon emissions we can help to reduce counts.”

The new charging stations add to the growing number of EV charge points at our facilities around the globe, including our Toronto and Baltimore refineries and our Corporate Headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.