East London Students Find Career Inspiration at our Thames Refinery

Work Placements 2024

As part of our commitment to building economic and social wealth in our communities, we have been delighted to host six students from Newham, London secondary schools for our company Tate & Lyle Sugars’ Work Experience Placements initiative part of our Work Inspiration Program from March through June.

The program aims to empower the young minds of the London Borough of Newham by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the workplace. Furthermore, the program gives young people the opportunity to learn about and experience careers that inspire them as they plan for their futures. The program involves hosting primary school students (aged 9-10) for a tour around Thames Refinery, and secondary school students (aged 16) for week or fortnight-long work experience placements. 

Last year, work experience students got an inside look at our Corporate Affairs, Legal, Marketing, Quality, Finance and HR departments. These placements involved shadowing staff members, attending internal and external meetings and working on a project during their time with us. At the end of the placement, students were encouraged to prepare and present a short presentation on what they learned, allowing them to gain presentation and communication skills within a working environment. 

In addition to inspiring young people, the program has positively impacted employee engagement and morale.

“Not only have I developed my management skills looking after our work experience students, but my passion for my role has also grown as I talk about what I do, how it adds value to the company and our industry as a whole,” said Loveday Catlin, Legal Advisor. 

By showcasing the career opportunities available at their doorstep, we are also improving our access to a future talent pool that is reflective of the local community in which we operate.

“We believe that all young people have great potential but may lack access and exposure to careers that inspire them,” said Claire Crill, Head of Corporate Affairs. “Through visits to our Thames Refinery, meaningful work experiences and supporting career guidance apprenticeships, we bring careers to life and help young people realize their full potential in a world full of possibilities.”