Brown Sugar

As the world’s largest cane sugar company, ASR Group offers an unparalleled range of brown sugars, placing us in a unique position to meet customer needs. Our large selection includes fruity and floral Demerara, syrupy Dark Muscovado and free-flowing Golden Granulated Sugars.

Increased appeal

Our brown sugars are all clean label ingredients, made from raw cane sugar. Many products such as ‘Muscovado Sugar’ and ‘Demerara Sugar’ support a premium positioning of a finished product.

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Extends product shelf life

Brown sugars have cane molasses content, rich flavor syrup extracted from sugarcane, making them more hygroscopic (readily absorbing and holding moisture), than white sugars. These properties can help to sustain finished product texture, reduce microbial growth and ultimately increase shelf life.

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Brown Sugar Basics

The simplest production method involves making unrefined or ‘raw’ sugar in a mill located in a sugarcane growing tropical country.

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Brown & Raw Sugar

Only Cane sugar produces the full spectrum of Brown & Raw Sugars, and our expertise as the world’s leading cane sugar refiner shows in the quality of our products.

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Cane Sugar vs. Beet Sugar

Compared with its nearest equivalent, sugarbeet, sugarcane offers many advantages when it comes to growing methods, product variation and ease of use in cooking.

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According to research, consumers consider brown sugars as more natural and of a higher quality than white sugars.

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