At ASR Group, we are proud to be a company defined by our people. Each of our employees is essential to reaching the goal of being the most admired sweetener company. As we provide our customers with superior products and service, our daily actions are guided by our core principles: 

Our greatest strength is our people, working together as a team.
We act as owners, taking results personally.
We act with a sense of urgency and are never complacent, and empower our teams to make decisions and take initiative.
We are committed to providing our customers with superior quality products and service.
We are committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees.
We are good stewards of our environment and the communities where we operate.
Common sense and simplicity are generally better than unnecessary complexity and sophistication.
Managing costs tightly ensures our competitive advantage and the long-term health of our business.
It is impossible to be excellent in everything, so we concentrate on our strengths and the things that really matter.
We act ethically and follow the law. Our name, reputation and brands are precious assets that have taken decades to build and must be protected.

Our 5,000 talented and dedicated employees provide the foundation for everything we do, as we operate in the most efficient and sustainable manner to produce quality products our consumers demand while protecting the environment, and providing superior service to our customers.

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