Corporate Social Responsibility


ASR Group was built on traditional family values.  While we have grown and prospered, we still maintain a strong sense of those founding beliefs.  They are the guiding principles behind our dedication to the communities where we work and live.

ASR Group is committed to the fight to end childhood hunger.  As leading sponsors of Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale, we have helped raise funds to connect children and families with the food they need.  Beyond our corporate sponsorship, our employees have also volunteered their own time to host bake sale events to raise further funding for the non-profit organization.  Our refineries provide vital local food donations in our various communities worldwide, including to the Holiday Food Collection Day in

Baltimore, Maryland and the St. Bernard Community Center in Chalmette, Louisiana.  Beyond food contributions, ASR Group also supports family and community-strengthening activities, such as the Toronto Santa Claus Parade in Toronto, Canada; the Science Sunday Program on the Hudson River in Yonkers, New York; and Tate & Lyle Sugar’s Family Fun Day in London, England.  Our employees are also making a difference.  In London alone, our employees have volunteered an average of 700 hours annually to community programs.  And, lastly, when disaster strikes, ASR Group lends a hand.  During the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, our refinery, which sustained severe damage, was a beacon of strength for the community.  And, more recently, through financial donations to the American Red Cross and food donations to local shelters, ASR Group worked to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, including our own operations in New York.


ASR Group is committed to conducting our business in a manner that is environmentally responsible.  Our policy is for each of our facilities to meet or exceed the requirements of the environmental regulations applicable to its location.  All employees and contractors are expected to take personal responsibility for protecting the environment.  ASR Group promotes a workplace culture in which employees are trained to meet or exceed applicable environmental laws, regulations and procedures.
From the start, our products come from the land and, therefore, we take our stewardship of it very seriously.  That’s why we employ sustainable farming and business practices

in delivering one of nature’s most efficient agricultural crops from the field to the table.  In Florida, we employ high-tech agricultural Best Management Practices that meet the strictest water quality standards in the country.  Along with the responsible way we farm, we also own and operate the largest renewable energy facility of its kind in North America.  Our biomass power plant uses sugar cane fiber and recycled urban wood waste as fuel to generate clean, renewable energy that powers our sugar operations and tens of thousands of homes.  Our facility reduces the country’s need for hundreds of thousands of barrels of fossil fuels and saves valuable landfill space by converting a waste product to a high-end use – secure, homegrown power.

After the sugar is farmed and milled, we then refine it to make our premium sugar products.  ASR Group’s policy is to proactively minimize the impact of our operations on people and the environment by implementing further best management practices, including pollution prevention, material substitution, waste minimization, material recovery and recycling and engineering controls.  We have continuously made strides in reducing our refineries’ water and energy usage and in decreasing our waste.  Using advanced technologies and engineering methods, we have reduced our fossil fuel usage by 10 percent per 100 pounds of sugar over the last five years at our North American refining facilities.  In addition, we have attained a 96 percent recycling rate for non-product materials produced at one of our facilities.  Currently, ASR Group is taking each successful sustainable business practice and implementing its across our facilities.


ASR Group is committed to understanding the health and safety, environmental, labor, and human rights issues associated with our supply chains.

ASR Group’s policy is to purchase goods and services that:

  • are produced and delivered under conditions that uphold fundamental human rights;
  • do not involve the abuse or exploitation of any persons;
  • are grown, produced, manufactured and sold in accordance with the laws of the country of origin; and
  • minimize negative impacts on the environment.

ASR Group’s practice is to require that its Suppliers:

  • comply with all laws in their country or the countries in which they do business that are applicable to the goods being purchased or services received, including those concerning the environment, employee rights to freedom of association, wages, benefits and work hours;
  • provide employees with a safe and sanitary workplace that includes appropriate controls and protective equipment;
  • follow non-discrimination practices in regard to gender, race, age, national origin, disability, citizenship, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or religious beliefs and provide a workplace free from harassment;
  • refrain from paying or accepting bribes or kickbacks or engaging in other similar unethical behavior;
  • not use any form of forced, bonded on involuntary labor;
  • minimize operational impact to air, water, soil, and surrounding areas; and
  • require their suppliers’ to adhere to the same requirements as set forth above.

Further, ASR requires it Suppliers to certify that they comply with all laws regarding forced labor, child labor, slavery and human trafficking.


ASR Group is comprised of more than 5,000 people totally committed to all aspects of the sugar business and dedicated to making the company the best it can be.  The company, in return, strives to preserve a workplace where our employees

will thrive.  Across the globe, we provide our full-time employees with comprehensive benefits.  We have created a strong health and safety program to ensure our workers are safe while producing the products that make our company sweet.  We have also implemented a wellness program that includes free annual biometric screening and personal health assessments to assist our employees with their well being.  Finally, we have developed the ASR Group University, a dynamic nontraditional format for training and development that enables our employees to enhance their core capabilities and pursue career development opportunities.