Experience & Solutions



We know sugar cane.  ASR Group and its shareholders farm 450,000 acres of sugar cane fields in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.  Our experience as farmers reaches back to the mid-1800s.

We continually strive to improve our methods and embrace the latest technology and techniques in sugar cane farming. Maintaining detailed field records allows us to calibrate the exact inputs needed for each specific soil type, ensuring precision in our applications.   We research the most suitable cane varieties to plant on each farm in order to maximize our crops’ protection from factors like disease, temperature and weather. We have also designed and implemented networks to monitor disease pressure, which alerts us to early warning signs and give us management alternatives.

As one of the leading organic farmers in the United States, we are particularly vigilant of our natural resources. In Florida, we use high-tech Best Management Practices to meet the strictest water quality standards in the world. We manage our farms with methods that allow us to minimize our tillage and increase our soil conservation.  We also laser level our fields to ensure our water stays on our farms, thereby reducing runoff. Smart crop rotation has also provided natural methods of agricultural management and minimized applications.  We also work in collaboration with university scientist to research and implement soil conservation practices, fertilizer techniques and farming methods.

Our work on sustainable agriculture has not been limited to our own farms.  We have worked with farmers from whom we source sugar cane and have delivered a broad range of innovative agricultural solutions and programs that include education and training in regard to cane nurseries, crop selection, cultivation and disease response.