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During the 1960s, the sugar industry experienced vast changes, and it was during this time that Sores (Sociedade de Refinadores de Santa Iria, SA) was born.  In 1967, Sores formed as a result of the merger of small refineries.  Sores was constructed in Santa Iria de Azóia, about 10 km from the north of Lisbon.

In 1990, Sores merged with Sidul, and four years later, the sugar operations were concentrated into the current site.

Sores® is the recognized brand for brown sugars made naturally from sugar cane.  Sores® offers traditional Portuguese yellow soft sugar, Mascavado sugar (also known as Demerara) and the new Moreno or Brown Sugar.

The Sores® brand is sold in Iberian markets across the distribution channels: Grocery, Industrial and Food Service.