Our Brands

Florida Crystals


Florida Crystals® is a leading national brand in the organic and natural market.  Florida Crystals® organic and natural consumer products are made from fresh Florida sugar cane that is harvested and milled on the same day.  After pressing the juice from the cane, we use a single-crystallization process to preserve its original sun-sweetened flavor.  Florida Crystals® is America’s first and only certified organic sugar that is 100 percent made in the USA.  Our organic and natural offerings are free of artificial additives and preservatives.

As responsible stewards of the land, we employ high-tech Best Management Practices to maintain the highest standards of environmentally friendly farming anywhere in the world.  Along with being one of the leading organic farmers in the country, we also own and operate the largest renewable energy facility of its kind in North America.  Our biomass power facility uses leftover sugar cane fiber and recycled urban wood waste as fuel to produce clean, reliable energy that powers our sugar operations and tens of thousands of homes.

Our eco-friendly farming practices and supply of clean, renewable energy allow Florida Crystals® to be the first and only natural and organic sugar certified CarbonFree® by Carbonfund.org, a label that confirms our products have a carbon neutral footprint.