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  • History Timeline: 1799

    William Havemeyer, the founder of what will become Domino Sugar, begins a career in the New York City sugar business with his brother Frederick.

  • History Timeline: 1807

    The Havemeyers open their own refinery, which is passed on to their sons in 1828.

  • History Timeline: 1850

    The Fanjul family begins sugar farming & production in Cuba.

  • History Timeline: 1854

    John Redpath celebrates the opening of the “Canada Sugar Refinery” in Montreal. 100 employees produce 15 tons of refined “loaf” sugar per day.

  • History Timeline: 1878

  • History Timeline: 1883

    Abram Lyle & Sons open the Plaistow Refinery, 1.5 miles from Thames Refinery. Lyle’s Golden Syrup quickly becomes popular.

  • History Timeline: 1901

    Sugar refining commences in Yonkers, NY.

  • History Timeline: 1906

    Domino® Sugar receives U.S. trademark.

  • History Timeline: 1906

    The California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining Company, today known as C&H Sugar, begins refining in Crockett, CA.

  • History Timeline: 1909

    Domino’s Chalmette, LA refinery opens.

  • History Timeline: 1909

  • History Timeline: 1912

    Redpath introduces product innovations such as prepackaged cartons of granulated sugar, “Paris Lumps” (sugar cubes) and “Golden Syrup”.

  • History Timeline: 1921

    Henry Tate & Sons and Abram Lyle & Sons merge to form Tate & Lyle, refining about 50% of UK’s sugar.

  • History Timeline: 1922

    Domino’s Baltimore, MD refinery opens.

  • History Timeline: 1959

    Redpath opens a state-of-the-art refinery in Toronto on the on the shores of Lake Ontario.

  • History Timeline: 1960

    The Fanjul family re-establishes its sugar business in South Florida. The company today is known as Florida Crystals.

  • History Timeline: 1960

    52 family farmers join together to create Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida.

  • History Timeline: 1967

    The Domino Sugars sign goes up on the Brooklyn, NY waterfront.

  • History Timeline: 1970

    Sidul begins refining and packaging sugar in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • History Timeline: 1984

  • History Timeline: 1989

    Sores is purchased and merged with Sidul.

  • History Timeline: 1995

    Florida Crystals plants the United States’ first organic sugar cane.

  • History Timeline: 1998

    Florida Crystals & Sugar Cane Growers Coop. partner to acquire the Yonkers, NY refinery, beginning to create the world’s most innovative sugar company: American Sugar Refining (ASR).

  • History Timeline: 2001

    Domino Sugar, the leading brand on the U.S. East Coast, joins the ASR family.

  • History Timeline: 2005

    ASR acquires C&H Sugar, the leading brand on the U.S. West Coast.

  • History Timeline: 2006

    C&H Sugar celebrates its centennial.

  • History Timeline: 2006

    CHR Hansen Specialty Sweetener Division is acquired, adding a line of molasses, malt and fondant sugars.

  • History Timeline: 2006

    Lyle’s Golden Syrup is named world’s oldest brand.

  • History Timeline: 2007

    The company expands geographically into Canada by acquiring Redpath Sugar

  • History Timeline: 2007

    To seamlessly supply customers throughout North America, the company expands into Mexico with the purchase of the San Nicolas mill & refinery.

  • History Timeline: 2007

    Sugar Stix is acquired, marking entrance into the specialty tabletop business.

  • History Timeline: 2008

  • History Timeline: 2009

    Domino’s Chalmette refinery celebrates its centennial and Redpath’s Toronto plant celebrates its 50th anniversary.

  • History Timeline: 2010

  • History Timeline: 2012

    Streamline Foods is acquired

  • History Timeline: 2012

    ASR Group acquires majority interest in Belize Sugar Industries Ltd.