About Us

Our Guiding Principles


ASR Group is the world’s largest and most successful cane sugar producer in the world.   Yet beyond our talents and intelligence, it is our values that ultimately guide our policies, our relationships, and our approach to business.  For over 150 years, our strong code of ethics has been the foundation of our success. Our values are the cornerstone of our success.  


Honesty and trust are the foundation of our success.   In our relationships with our customers, our vendors and with each other, we are open, straightforward and fair.  Our reputation continues to shine because we honor our commitments.  We scrupulously follow the laws and regulations to which we are subject.  In every aspect of our business, we strive to the do the right thing—for our partners, our employees and our company.


Our goal is to be the leader in every arena in which we compete.  We set the bar high and we work hard to be the best.  We delight our customers with the quality and value of our products.  As a company, we strive to be the industry leader in innovation and service.  As employees, we work to develop our talents and skills, increasing our expertise and expanding our abilities.


Our strength is magnified when we work together.  Our achievements gain scale and momentum when we contribute our individual talents in the service of a common goal.  Recognizing and respecting the unique background and viewpoint each of us brings to the job creates a positive environment where good ideas flourish.  Together we are stronger, and together we will succeed. 


We know that the people and communities in whom we operate are crucial partners in our success.  While ASR Group is a global enterprise, we support and lead community-based programs that benefit and enrich local families, institutions and charitable organizations.   Through these neighborhood efforts, we honor our commitment to be engaged and responsible corporate citizens. 


The member companies of ASR Group are committed to sustainable agricultural and business practices.  We continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint, recycle our waste and increase our resource efficiency.  We will work to preserve and protect the gifts of nature so that they may be used and enjoyed by future generations.